Friday, July 28, 2017


I'm writing this because a BABY TRAFFICKING ring between Israel and America was recently uncovered and was reported in Israel. The trafficker of pregnant Women to the US is a famous Rabbanit. The ring sells the babies (who are removed from the Mothers by Cesarean section whether needed or not) to Charedi families *and to unspecified businesses* for $250K each.

How can this happen? The article states clearly: In the Charedi world one does not ask questions - especially if prominent rabbis are involved. So, even if the Charedim see something is wrong, very, very wrong, most will obey a rabbinic authority.

The name of the god Baal means "owner", "lord", "master" and finally "husband".

Obedience to authority, simply on the basis of the authority, is strictly forbidden in true, Torah Prophetic Judaism. That *is* what is meant by baal worship. Blind obedience to those who have authority, wealth, prestige, lineage...will all eventually lead to Human sacrifice. That is what the Prophets warned about when they talked about baal worship.

The Prophet Eliyahu (Elijah) said the following for HaShem:
Yet will I leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.' - Kings I, 19:18

Now, the number 7000 can be more or less inclusively interpreted employing the gematriot. However, it is clear from the passage that the number of Jews who will not fall into the worship of the baalim will be small. And it is clear from the passage that to be Israel one must have the strength not to be entranced by power or prestige or money or even lineage. There is no place in Israel for worshiping idols and this is what is meant.

The rabbis interpret worshiping idols as cultic practice so that the Jews do not recognize that it is they who are being talked about.

Anyone who accepts Prozbul (proz baal - ordinance of the baalim) is in a position of forfeiture of their place in Israel and will remain so until they do T'shuvah. They are people who are contributing to economic corruption and everything that leads from it - slavery, human trafficking, drugs, prostitution - in short Human sacrifice. They have removed themselves from the sanctity of Israel and are not fit to teach Torah.

Understand that the rabbis have brought the Jewish people to the point where the vast majority of "religious" Jews will turn a blind eye to the sacrifice Children, and even participate in kidnapping Babies from Mothers who have been drugged and had their Babies cut out of them and stolen when they were helpless under anesthesia, rather than go against their authority.

Baal worship is stronger, and uglier, than ever among the religious Jews - and has never been more profitable. Think a thousand times before you accept a rabbi's authority because the leprosy of idol worship is highly contagious.

Monday, July 10, 2017



ילדים = 654 = גילאים = ים עלץ גיל
= 1653 = 654 = קרן גילים
= עלץ גילים = גיל תורה = ברא את כל
= השלום אין קץ = 2652 = 624
= אליהו בם = ישעיהו בן אמוץ בם
= אליהו שרה אמנו = ישעיהו בן אמוץ שרה אמנו
= שנרצחו = האשר נצח = נדם
= כל דם = כל עץ החיים = אדמה עץ החיים
= אני משחקת עם כל אהובי = 1653 = 654
= הויה משחקת עם כל ילדיה